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03 Sep 2012
Over $250,000+ in affiliate commissions were deposited directly in founding members' bank accounts within the first 72 hours and, despite a server crash and a few other snafus along the way, the Empower Network rocket cleared the launch pad and blasted straight into orbit at a velocity seldom seen within the internet marketing arena. Update: Despite a LOT of challenges the first few months… EN has paid out over $4 million dollars in commissions to members in good standing in their first 4 months. Today today the site ranks top 1200 in the world and with the top 500 web sites in the United State. Pretty impressive! So why all the excitement? Is this it… or should we keep looking? The best answer to that question is: It depends. Because… If you are looking for a new type of proven affiliate program that offers an unusually high income potential Empower Network may be exactly what you are looking for. The magic is you can get started for as little as $25 per month and earn up to $625 per sale on the front end and even more money on the back end. All monies (sales) are paid instantly and directly into your own bank account (we'll talk more about this in a minute), and this is especially inviting to those who like to promote using paid advertising methods because there is enough profit margin available to make paid advertising profitable. On the other hand, if you are looking for a new network marketing opportunity… or if you are looking for a turnkey solution that drops easy commissions out of the sky with the wave of a magic wand… or if you are looking for something for nothing… or you come to the table with no list, no facebook account, no twitter followers - bare to the bone with absolutely nothing going on - and you NEED to make $1,000 tomorrow… then empower network is not for you. On a basic level, the Empower Network is a viral blogging platform. But if you dig down deeper, it is actually more than that. And if you have the ability to promote it properly, it really has the potential to make you a lot of money. Of course you are still pretty skeptical about what I am talking about, so let me explain how it all works in my Empower Network review. With all the hype you see written about it, you may think that the Empower Network is a scam. But from what I've seen so far, I think it seems legit to me. The blogging platform is good, the training is useful and the system as I understand it appears viable. While I am still a new member of the Empower Network, I am pretty excited about the possibilities. If you already are an influential person, with a loyal following already then I can see you making a ton of money with it right away. Just show people how you make money with it, and you can easily get your followers excited to sign up under you. If you are just a regular guy like myself, then seeing results might take a little more time. But I think with a little bit of work, the Empower Network has the potential to make you some serious money if you can promote it right.
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